[S1914] Release Notes - 2021-01-26

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    Attention, Generals!

    Today’s release introduces the option to manually adjust your graphics settings on mobile devices. This has the welcoming side effect of allowing desktop users to change their settings to a look more similar to the legacy mode of Supremacy 1914. The AI has been further tweaked in order to reduce the likelihood of mass declarations of war by AI nations against warmongering players. As always we got rid of some minor bugs to smoothen the overall gameplay experience.

    Please check out the list below for more details and a complete overview of today’s update:


    • A low graphics mode will be made available that reduces the visual quality of several assets within the game. Some visual effects will be disabled entirely. This will allow users with low-end systems to play the game more smoothly and experience less stutter, especially on 100/500 player maps. This mode will be active by default on low-end devices.
    • Still, mobile users will be able to freely choose which graphics setting they would like to use. If you don’t like the automatically applied mode you can always change it in the settings menu. Please be aware that choosing a more demanding setting than the automatically applied one may cause performance issues.
    • Desktop users will also be able to manually select “low” graphics in case they prefer a look more similar to the legacy mode of Supremacy 1914.
    • In accordance with popular user opinion we will adjust the AIs likelihood of declaring war on unpopular players. AI controlled nations will now be ~25% less likely to declare war. This will reduce situations where players will continuously receive new declarations of war after defeating AI nations, and not being able to recover once their popularity has dropped below a certain threshold.

    Bug fixes:

    • Previously the creation of the map “Tournament Island” led to an error which caused a black background to be shown instead of the actual map. This has now been fixed and the map has been made available again.
    • A bug that caused the chat window to immediately jump to the newest message as soon as one has been received has been fixed. You will now be able to read up on older chat messages without having to scroll back up multiple times if you are in an active conversation.
    • Several minor land connections have been fixed, as well as inconsistencies in the spelling of provinces.
    • In case a production building was partially damaged during an ongoing production the remaining production time was still displayed along with the option to speed up the process. While the production was stopped and the speed up was not clickable, this still caused some confusion and has been fixed.
    • A rare bug was fixed, that caused naval/embarked units to be able to traverse the borders of the map and be displayed slightly outside of the actual map.
    • In cases where enemy long range artillery units were positioned outside one’s own view range the bombardment indicator and animation were not displayed. This led to confusing situations where units took damage without a clear indication as to why it was happening. This is now fixed.

    We hope you’re happy with the content of today’s update. We included your feedback regarding the aggressiveness of AI nations, introduce the option to adjust your personal graphics setting on mobile devices and fixed minor bugs. We’re looking forward to your feedback for today’s changes.

    Best of luck General, now make ready to fight for global dominance!

    Your Bytro Team