[S1] The year is 1919

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    The year is 1919 and the world is still locked in bitter conflict. Metal beasts cladden in armor and bristling with guns roam the battlefield while flying machines duel for dominance in the air. The brightest minds have been tasked with the development of new weapons of war for years and yet, victory could not be achieved by either side.

    Recently a peculiar name is frequently mentioned within the design bureaus and secret testing facilities of the most advanced industrial nations of the world: Nikola Tesla.

    His genius brought forth new technological marvels that were aimed at revolutionizing the world and yet we are still faced with the harsh reality of war. Military strategists have since taken note of his inventions, ordering their chief engineers to incorporate his designs with the intent of changing the tides of war, once and for all.

    Hammers and wrenches can be heard clanging, sparks fill the room as welding tools fuse heavy metal plates. The air sizzles as the first prototypes spring to life, fueled by electricity!

    In order to grow the community further and be able to bring whole new levels of gameplay-depth into the game that many of you have been asking for, we’re excited to announce that the narrative world of Supremacy 1 will be expanded! Based on technological advancements inspired by the works of Nikola Tesla we will introduce new prototype units, buildings, exciting gameplay features and whole new scenarios that we can’t wait to share with you.

    Keep an eye out for changes that will progressively transform the existing game and allow you to reshape history on an entirely new scale in Tesla Wars 1919!