The Name question

  • Hello,

    Through observation it seems we can't adjust our in-game ruler's name anymore (for good). We can change the i) title, ii) ruler portrait, iii) country flag, but not the ruler name. This was also the case during the ~1 month period before release of the beta version, but I thought it was something to be fixed when the new version came out.

    Can a specific reason be provided as to why this is the case? Is there a realistic time-frame during which the community can expect the issue to be resolved? I know many people are also asking themselves these questions. This feature was the single most important tool for historical immersion in supremacy1914, which is one of the game's most attractive components.

    Everyone (the players, Bytro, the moderators) wants the game to function well, and not clarifying issues like this leaves gaps in that mutual relationship.

    Regards and best wishes.

  • It's supposed to get fixed soon as it is intended to keep it as feature. how much time from now? that's something only Alkyonor can say


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