What is the best strategy without Bomber and battleship

  • Cruisers are fastest thing on water, they do not have range but they can chase down any ship, they also have great Air Attack in numbers, cheap and fast to build with a Harbor and level 4 factory

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  • sub's are slow , they are melee units , expensive and not much use other than surveillance, a balloon can accomplish same thing, some players like sub's depends on your play style and personal preference, suggest you test different units and choose what suits your style best

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  • U can also build fighters to counter enemy units and arty or some tanks, tanks are good on land melee

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  • Submarine are they spy of they sea how I call them for most ppl useless I still build even you they are slow if have Continent for myself in a 100-500 they can see a sea of other Continent and you can use Air force with submarine hold enemy in place decimating there numbers , Best for this was a 3 years old 500 we're I got with 250 submarine and fighter's and bombers a fleet of 45k inf/100 BS/1k arty and a lot tanks easy down. Hitting submarine to hold them place and let my fighter's and bombers finish it.

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