500 *4 speed for coalitions only

  • Hello everyone

    another interesting idea for those coalitions which want to see who is the best

    We start a map, similar to those RP maps, with password. But limitation is you can only join with 6 buddies in certain regions, not to close to other players.

    Initially I was thinking countries: germany, japan, India, mexico, france . 7 guys to each country. Trade unlimited within coalition limited to 1-1 between coalitions. We can also forbid any trade between coalition to avoid push from dying coalition or moles ( selling their own coalition and their resources to his real friends)

    we fight 14 days during Covid and obtain medals, gms and Alliance Tournament Pro ribbon:.If this work out and there will more more than 32 coalition interested maybe we can turn it into something like old Players League with top places of each map going higher in playoff ladder?

    Any thoughts guys?


    Yours sincerely

    Golden Buddha

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  • I love the idea, really

    hope bytro would do that......8o

    Get going with strategy at first of the game, always be prepared, and win the game with an amount of skills and take the trophy up with your allies or yourself!:D:) It is just a game:!: