[S1] Operation Overcast - Release Notes

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    Attention, Generals!

    With today’s update for Tesla Wars 1919 we introduce a new mechanic to the game which allows you to collect blueprints for advanced units by securing secret test facilities within enemy provinces. Once you collect all required blueprints you will be able to permanently unlock a unit’s research for all future rounds. Additionally, we implement a feature that allows you to send invite links to your friends via many popular messenger apps with a single tap from within the game. As always we are also fixing some minor bugs.

    For a full overview of all features and bug fixes see the list below:


    • Effective immediately you will be able to invite your friends to an exciting round of Tesla Wars 1919 with just a single tap on your mobile device. Simply navigate to the main menu where you will find a dedicated invite button right next to your messages. You can use this feature to send a quick invite link via many popular messenger applications.
    • The quick unit overview for both research and production has been simplified. Upon changing the unit level you will now be shown a simple overview that only displays a unit’s class, power level and the change in stats between the different levels. This is both more pleasing to the eye and more informative.


    In accordance with our last update that made the battleship, giant bomber and railway gun exclusive units that require a one time unlock, the option to collect blueprints will now be implemented into the game.
    Should your intelligence officers receive evidence that enemy nations have been working on the development of advanced weaponry, you will receive a notification about the presence of blueprints within nearby provinces. A visual marker will also be displayed on the map. If you conquer the respective province within a given timeframe your troops will be able to secure a blueprint. Once you gather all required blueprints for a specific unit, its research will be permanently unlocked for all future rounds. You can gather the blueprints over the course of multiple games.

    Bug fixes:

    • We adjusted the Blueprint tooltip as its description was misleading. It now clearly states that a one-time purchase using Gold will add ALL missing Blueprints for the displayed price and thereby unlock the unit for research.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the peace period timer at the start of a map to only display the remaining time, without the icon.

    We’re happy to present you the content of today’s update and hope you make good use of the ability to invite your friends to a round of Tesla Wars! Get accustomed to forming task forces on short notice in order to secure valuable blueprints, as this feature will be expanded upon in the future.

    Let us know what you think of the new features! Now step away general and prepare your men for battle!

    Your Bytro Team