What the heck is province order?

  • It seems like the more stuff I build in a province, the worse the "province order" value is. For example, I built two structures in my capital that gave the province +60 morale, but now "province order" has dropped to -23, wiping out more than a third of the morale improvement from building.

    This is very frustrating when one doesn't even know what province order is or what influences it, does anybody have any information about it? Thanks.

  • Province order + current_morale = 102 = target_morale

    102 is the target morale when all the variable morale factors sum to zero.

    Province order combined with the current morale is always 102, so together they are constant. It would be best to either mention the current_morale as a factor as well or to omit province_order as a real morale_factor. It is just confusing now; latter option would be better.

    For more info on province morale: S1914 GAME INFO
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  • The province order is the difference from 50 to your moral. If your moral is like 60 than your province order is -10. If your moral is 40 then the order is 10. It's a value that keeps dragging your moral to 50 either way.

  • Ah yes, that seems to be it :)

    I didn't understand Petruz's post, but yours makes sense and checking the values in my provinces, it appears to be correct. I'm still not sure what the value is supposed to achieve, but at least now I know how it is calculated, thanks :)

  • The value is there for balance I assume. It forces you to invest in buildings in order to increase the moral. On the other hand it lets moral rise to a certain level slowly for free. I guess it's there to force investments in later stages of the game.