Flamethrowers on day 1?

  • I just joined a "Europe 1914" scenario, the game is literally an hour old, I checked the newspaper to find that my next door neighbour Austria-Hungary just joined only five minutes before me - and yet he's already on my border with 2 ACs, 2 infantry - and two level 2 flamethrower units???

    How is it even POSSIBLE to have flamethrower units on day 1? They are not even researchable until day 7!

    And how could he possibly march an army of 7 troops to my border when the game is only an hour old and he only joined five minutes before I did?

  • WTF another of my enemies also has level 2 flamethrowers on day 1!

    I think this must be some sort of boost for noobs - I also noticed that they are getting a maximum of 10k resources per province, whereas I only get 7k.

  • I believe it has to do with the size and the resources of a starting country. Smaller countries get a small advantage. Those countries can very dangerous as the stack of flamethrowers goes through your starting units easily!

  • Hi Joe B,

    when a new player joins his first match, he/she will get access to some extra resources and a more advanced unit while completing the tutorial quests which should compensate for the lack of experience (at least a bit).
    This is also the reason why you spotted a flamethrower on day 1.