[S1] Release Notes - 2021-02-23

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    Attention, Generals!

    With today’s update for Tesla Wars 1919 we expand the raiding feature that was introduced in the last release. Your troops will now salvage any usable equipment and raid storages after taking control of an enemy province, adding valuable resources to your stockpiles. As always we are also fixing some minor bugs.

    For a full overview of all features and bug fixes see the list below:


    After conquering an enemy province, your troops will now gather any usable equipment and search the area for useful resources that were left behind in order to repurpose them for your own war efforts. While the salvaging of useful material was already common practice, officers have received official staff orders to document these efforts and relay them to HQ. You can find the exact number of salvaged resources in front line reports after taking control of a province.

    Bug fixes:

    • In case more than two time-limited events were active at the same time, only two icons were displayed on screen simultaneously. This has now been adjusted.
    • A bug was fixed that resulted in the buildings list not being scrollable in case more than 10 buildings have been constructed in the same province.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the displayed travel time for units to show a wrong time of arrival after issuing move orders.
    • A bug that sometimes gave planes the ability of teleportation after having attacked a close enemy unit was fixed. Planes now fly back to their base after an attack as intended and do not teleport anymore.
    • A visual bug was fixed that caused the number of displayed projectiles fired by long-range units to increase proportional to the total amount of units present within the same stack. The number of displayed projectiles is now proportional to the amount of long range units within a stack.
    • A bug on mobile was fixed that caused the coalition tab to be displayed in game rounds that had coalitions deactivated.

    We’re looking forward to your feedback regarding the ability to salvage resources after taking over enemy provinces and its exact documentation within the front line report. So order the restock of ammunition and hand out extra combat rations to your troops. It’s better to use them in a fight than to risk them falling into enemy hands!

    Your Bytro Team

  • The listing of resources captured when taking a province is a very welcome feature, thank you!

    There is still plenty more to be fixed in the game though. One bug I recently noticed is that the icon for resources is not appearing for many provinces in the province overview screen. This means you cannot tell whether it is a single or double resource province when checking to see how many resource units you have. Also, the double resource provinces are not listed first anymore when you select to list provinces by type, instead they are randomly scattered.

  • While we are talking about seeing things. Can we make the building Icons on a map larger? The units are overly large and take a lot of visibility away. For the same reason it's also hard to tell sometimes where the center of a province is.

  • Thanks for the feedback, I'm taking notes of the mentioned points and will relay them.

    Should you encounter any bugs or notice inconsistencies, please report them via ticket so we can check them live in case they are user specific issues, or only occuring on certain devices, browsers, etc.