The RP Potential Of Supremacy 1

  • I have been playing Supremacy 1 for some time now, and the potential this game has for the RP community is obvious.

    The relatively straightforward tech tree is welcoming to Supremacy 1914 players who are either new to the tech tree system or shy away from complicated tech trees, while giving Call of War and Conflict of Nations players a sense of familiarity. The diversity of the units, with their distinct pros and cons, allow us roleplayers to experiment with technology doctrines and stratagems, and creates a more immersive gameplay for the players, e.g. banning gas artillery after a player-led Geneva Conference.

    Obviously, there are several things that us roleplayers would love to be added/changed to the game, such as the limited length of rounds, but I’m sure quite a number of these can be found in the Missing Features section, or is explainable to a degree, so I will not be touching them here.

    There has been interest by many roleplay alliances and organisations within the Bytro Games community to expand to Supremacy 1, and many have rounds planned.

    All in all, a good game, with interesting RP potential. Hopefully, with the rebranding and improvements promised to be added to the game, the game would realise this potential I see today, and from it a thriving roleplay community.

    Map making is harder than it looks. If you wish to contribute, feel free to message me on Discord!