Supremacy1914 & Supremacy 1

  • is it the same mechanic of battles like in Supre1914?

    For e.g.

    - is ones is staying without any movement and other player attacks him, will there be always 2 battle ticks every hour and one's damage hits will be dealt as attacker and other as defender?

    - if my units shows that his attack dmg is 10 amd defence dmg is 15, so, if I want to use defence dmg I have to stop my units so that I will be defender instead off attacker?

    - if my province has gor low morale, does it cause that production of the resources are low as well?

    Or production is always the same no matter what morales are

    - how many troops I have to keep in captured province in order to avoid rebelion?

    - is there something like SPLASH DMG?

    In Supre1914 is 5 km. Everything in that range gets hit

    Where can I find detailed description of all sorts of things like that used in the game?

    Thank you