Balloon production made easier

  • Hello

    I often find myself wanting to produce balloons but because they require factory i hardly ever am able to sacrifice arty produtcion for Balloon

    What I wanted propose is being able to produce balloons with WS lvl2 and if it is too easy Airfield

    nice proactive buff allowing people to see more in times they have scarce units and resources and any incoming attack means life or death

    at the same time balloons will see more game as you will be able to produce them in WS2 along arts in factories



  • Was initially a bit skeptical about this but when it comes to gameplay I think this will be an amazing change. I rarely see balloons used even in the endgame and thats a shame since it is the only unit capable of defending against enemy air units. It is also the only unit that requires Gas to be produced so this change will increase strategical value of Gas as well (IMO).

    On smaller maps it will also contribute to diplomacy by allowing players to be more informed. There were many cases when I didnt check in for few hours and when I came back and saw enemy mobilizing, it was already too late. In addition, when neighbor places balloon next to you its indication of something, which should motivate players to communicate more.

    To sum it up. Making balloons more accessible will reduce the need to be glued to your screen at all times, especially when fighting air units where the only option you have is splitting. That should reduce the snowballing with air units and introduce more challenging gameplay, giving smaller nations and casual players a fighting chance. Diplomacy wise it is also important since information is power. Hopefully this change will be implemented and the battlefield will look like the one in the background of this forum

  • and maybe tweak a little bit badge. You never attack with balloons. This is anti-synergy for that kind of unit.

    It would be better to change last requirement ( Defeated with Balloons) to : Spot enemy troops as it has obvious synergy with how we use balloons:

    Bronze: spot 250 new enemy stacks in FOW

    Silver: spot 500 new enemy stacks in FOW

    Gold: spot 1000 new enemy stacks in FOW

    just make sure in code that units discovered by spies in FOW would be counted to Balloons badge too. Even if this will not work- I do not think anyone except me will notice :-)