Ban for cheating

  • me and my brother live together and play on the same network and today I got banned for anti cheat but we are 2 persons trying to play the same world on 2 separate accounts. Now I’m locked out of the Round is there anything I can do to get back into the game? The ID of the game is #3850778

  • The IP address being same with 2 accounts will get you kicked every time , only way to avoid this without Bytro giving you 'Whitelist" account is to create your own personal map and to disable the 'anti-cheat' option when creating your map, you can create one personal map each month, if you are high Command member you can create up to 5 personal maps per month...

    According to ToS you are not allowed to have multiple accounts and the IP address conflict indicates multi account issue... please refer to the Bytro ToS

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