All time new low

  • I like most aspects of the game, and enjoyed several games on the 19-player map, but when I moved to the next larger map, I found the morale regime so severe that it became a total bore to play, because instead of actually playing a wargame I found myself just having to manage province morale most of the time.

    I ended up having to adopt really silly, gamey solutions, like attacking a country and then immediately relinquishing most of its provinces once I had conquered it in order to avoid the almost impossible-to-avoid downward spiral caused by multiple low morale provinces adjacent to one another dragging each other down. Later, I just attacked high VP provinces, ie capitals, and tried to ignore the rest of the country.

    It was a horrible schemozzle and in the end the three leading players including myself all agreed to form a coalition just so we could leave the game with a win, because we were ALL sick of struggling with province morale.

    I told myself I would go back one more time on the second largest map to try and do everything right from the outset to see if one could avoid the downward morale spiral that way, but just haven't been able to bring myself to try again yet. But given that I'm a veteran of Bytro games and it's difficult and offputting even for me, one wonders how Bytro imagines this degree of difficulty is going to be accepted by noobs.