[S1] Release Notes - 2021-03-29

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    Attention, Generals!

    Today’s release features a change in the display of army labels. Instead of displaying every label in full size when zoomed out on the map they will now shrink and the numbers indicator of how many units are present will fade out. The colour indicator representing the allegiance and diplomatic status with an armies nation will remain however. This will allow for a much better overview in late game scenarios and should slightly improve map performance.

    Additionally a bug was fixed that prevented the confirmation screen from being displayed when purchasing a blueprint for any epic unit with gold.

    While the volume of today’s changes is small we can assure you that we’re busy working behind the scenes. Get your economy up to speed, muster new troops and stay tuned for further updates!

    Your Bytro Team

  • There is no faction display mentioned in the notes. In case you're asking about the army label display, that's simply the Icons you can click in order to select units. Enemies are shown as red, allies blue, your own as white.

  • Ah yes of course, I didn't get what you were refering to in the beginning.

    I checked with the game designers and the reason why there is a faction section is that in the near future we are planning to *information classified and removed by Bytro Intelligence*.

    And that concludes my in detail analysis of the faction display.

    (in all seriousness, stay tuned, there will be quite some changes comming in the near future)