Bug or feature?

  • I can't see what the army is (stats like units etc. it's a question mark), even tho I am attacking it and it is in my vision circle. This happens some times , and it really annoying. In one campaign I lost becuase I rushed my strongest units on a unknown and as it turns out it was all heavy tanks , and the army was really close to me before I attacked , making it in my vision circle. Now in a fun game I want to continue , one suspicious guy that got 18 horses and 20 cars in the third day , has all question marks on units , and I can see clearly to few cities away from his army. Any idea? Also , started happening today!

  • This is Supremacy 1 thread, anyone that plays Supremacy 1 would know what the fort level is which hides units.

    Couple things which are probably similar is how S1914 Game manual indicates that a Level 2 fort hides units but is actually level 1.5, other thing is that all forts, and factories are shown as level 1 when viewing opponents provinces.

    (Bytro's 'template' for all their games have many similarities)


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