Range efficiency

  • Hello folks

    I've joined Supremacy like a week ago and am enjoying it very much. I'm still in my tutorial match, so everything I say is from noob perspective, but I'm trying to improve .

    From what I experience, ranged units such as artillery and Battleships perform poorer the further away they are to their target. At maximum distance I notice absurd amounts of complete misses, while at closer range, those units almost go berzerk. Like if they deal damage at e.g. 300% efficiency over short distances, but only 25% efficiency at maximum range.

    Is this really the case or am I imagining something here? :/

  • Is this really the case or am I imagining something here? :/

    You are imagining this, units do not always do full damage but the range is not a factor same as 'friendly fire' is not a factory when bombarding area your units still in.... sometimes I have seen a 'BUG' with one range unit that causes other range units of same type not fire at all, in this instance or if you suspect this is what happened in your situation, you can split your units of same type , eg 10 arty can be split 5x 2 to see if this is problem with damage...

    Here is damage (Attack/Defense) cap spread sheet you might find helpful > Attack/Defense Values (Caps) https://docs.google.com/spread…L94-ZDG1NdPnCEic/pubhtml#


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

  • Thanks Hastings,

    I had a similar situation with a railgun firing 12 hours every 15 minutes inflicting just 4 kills. I wish I had more than 1 so I could have tested your solution, but I will keep it in mind. Thanks a lot!

    Fantastic spreadsheet btw, this should be linked in the tutorial somehow