[S1914] Release Notes - 2021-04-27

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    Attention, Generals!

    In today’s update we continue polishing the game by smoothing the display of our new army labels when changing zoom levels, removing obsolete filter options for game rounds and fixing a number of bugs.

    When changing zoom levels the size of army labels changes, as well as the amount of information included in the label itself. Beforehand, the change in display caused the labels to jump up slightly, which has been adjusted. The transition is much smoother now, as the labels are anchored in place, making it easier on the eyes to change zoom levels a lot. One of the bug fixes of today’s update includes the very handy lasso tool, which allows for the easy selection of multiple units at once. While it always remained functional, it was not properly displayed on continuous maps, causing some confusion.

    Last but not least we want to inform you beforehand that the removal of the legacy client which was announced at the end of last year will be realized with one of the upcoming updates in may. Our main reason for discontinuing support for legacy is that the amount of players using it and the required maintenance work is very disproportionate, taking valuable time off of our developers which is needed to work on other aspects of the game. We’re happy about further suggestions and feedback regarding how to improve the standard client to better align it with your own preferences.

    For a complete overview of all changes, please check the list below:


    • When tapping the back button on your mobile device while inside a game round or on the overview screen a popup will open that lets you exit the app.
    • The “Elite AI” option has been removed as a selectable option when creating games or filtering already existing games with said option enabled, as it has become standard on all maps.

    Bug fixes:

    • When changing zoom levels from high to medium the army label display is adjusted. Beforehand this transition in display caused the labels to slightly jump, which has now been fixed.
    • The autocompletion of usernames in the name dropdown menu when writing a message is working correctly again.
    • Closing the “forgot password” popup in the main menu caused the site to grey out and turn unresponsive. This has been fixed.
    • An issue was resolved that prevented the lasso tool, which allows for the selection of multiple units at once, to be displayed on certain maps.
    • Armies that are sent with delayed marching orders, now always show the correct arrival times. Before this update an incorrect arrival time was displayed, in case another army was selected earlier, that also had delayed marching orders.
    • The daily upkeep costs for level 1 barracks wrongfully displayed the values for their level 2 versions. All levels now show the correct upkeep costs.
    • A bug was fixed on iOS devices that caused the pop up screen asking for confirmation before spending Gold to not show a checkbox which allows users to disable the confirmation pop up for future transactions.
    • An issue on mobile devices was resolved that caused incorrect building levels to be displayed in the construction menu when upgrading a workshop or factory.
    • An issue on mobile was resolved, that caused submarines to be displayed on top of certain units.

    We’re looking forward to your feedback regarding the content of today’s update.

    Your Bytro Team