Missing Build Queue for Mobile players

  • First, I understand this only applies to mobile players with High Command, but I think it's a simple fix I'm asking for.

    Background: There is no "build queue" screen in the mobile UI.

    The closest you can get to it is:

    Tap Provinces >> Tap Buildings >> Tap EVERY SINGLE PROVINCE >> Tap Construction

    The following screen shows your province construction with every selected province, and shows a "build queue" list, with which units and buildings are in the queue for later.

    It doesn't specify which queued builds are for which provinces, so when you have, say, 20 queued fortresses, there's no way to tell which ones will build first. Also, when adding to or viewing the queue for a specific province, there is no way to know, without repeating the above process, how many items are in the build queue for your province, or in which order that province's items will be constructed.

    Suggestion one: Add province names to the build queue when multiple provinces are selected for Mobile. This would resolve the primary annoyance.

    Suggestion two: Add a screen to the "Provinces" tab, after Overview and Buildings, Build Queue. I wouldn't have asked for this, except it apparently exists already on PC. (1% PC user here)

    Suggestion three: When a building is added to the queue via the province construction tab, have the system message tell you how many items are ahead of that build in the overall queue.

    Suggestion four: Have the province build queue reflect the item's overall queue position. It's relevant to know if the fortress I just scheduled to build has seventeen things ahead of it.

    Obviously Suggestion Two would be the best option for the players, but any of these would improve the situation as we have it now.

    Thanks for your time!

  • Hey Walrus_3d,

    Thanks for the feedback. I will relay it to the game designers so they can figure out if the mobile queue can be improved in an efficient way. We'll definitely look into it. The main limiting factor is the lack of space on mobile screens so simply porting the desktop version might not be possible. We're constantly trying to improve the game and bring every feature to all clients but some are harder than others.


  • The main limiting factor is the lack of space on mobile screens so simply porting the desktop version might not be possible.

    I was thinking more along the lines of the data already existing, since it's on the desktop. Adding a "build queue" window to the provinces tab would also advertise High Command pretty effectively. 😉