Are there any decent rounds out there?

  • After about a couple of years without having played S1914, I have finally returned again, and Im already in 5 games, two of which are historical 1910 start. The other two are regular Europe maps, and what I noticed, was that when I messaged people asking if we could trade, almost none of them replied. Or, when I would try to coordinate with my allies, they just didnt reciprocate and did their own thing. This meant that even if I did things correctly, my allies would drag me down. Also, since I could not often get trade deals, I couldn't cover the resources I was in a deficit without using stock market, which can get expensive quickly, and burns through cash.

    Are the only decent rounds with decent players the ones you have to pay goldmarks to enter? Where do the pros of this game even play? (Not saying that Im a pro, but I would say I am average or above average).

    Im a pretty Mediocre player :|

  • I would agree with the above. I play on both Mobile and PC. The mobile is good but the trades, messaging, especially the typing interface to read what is being typed is so small and cumbersome to not only to use but it's a pain in the bum the font is so small to read.

    About the quality of games, so many players dropping out is it dragging down the total gaming experience. Totally agree, where are the quality rounds and decent game with human players who battle to the end?

    Last game I played all the players dropped out 9/10. I stayed, of course, I won, but then was penalised and not awarded medals because of no real players. LoL