[S1914] Legacy-Removal Feedback Thread

  • revamp is wasting to much of my time in comparison to legacy

    mostly because of lags and display issues which force me to triple check if everything is done as I ordered it to be

    bytro completely doesn't understand that wasting users time is the worst thing to do.

    there is a golden rule of 10 minutes- it player doesn't like something in the first 10 minutes it is almost sure he will not use it any more.

    can we have banner lord mode - where all graphic is removed, including models and we use only banners?

  • that banner mode sounds like a good improvement in the current low graphics mode :)

    All is fair in love and war

  • Btw i forgot to say this in my first post. Many people already pointed this out, the icons are bloody huge. I can barely understand whats going on when a car is the size of a province, boats the size of countries. Rework this, make them much smaller and less impactefull on disturbing the view, and have low graphics mode be as similar as possible to legacy mode

  • Btw i forgot to say this in my first post. Many people already pointed this out, the icons are bloody huge. I can barely understand whats going on when a car is the size of a province, boats the size of countries. Rework this, make them much smaller and less impactefull on disturbing the view, and have low graphics mode be as similar as possible to legacy mode

    it is much easier and faster to remove them. noone really needs them and they are causing half of issues with a game and optimization

  • Every time I see images of how the game was, and how it looks today, I think there was really no progress, I understand the best intentions of the developers, but the environment has deteriorated, it is more confusing and aesthetically it is not more beautiful at all. on the other hand, the game does the same things, so the changes are merely aesthetic and they worsen the possibilities of visualizing the battlefield, which was better resolved in the previous version.
    It is not just nostalgia that motivates my words. I play many hours and I know it from my own experience.
    If they allowed me, I would not choose this mode in any way, have you been asked? I think that if they are interested in having the older players continue, they should be more humble and listen, or are they not interested?
    I have tried to continue and I continue playing but it is exhausting, knowing that before it was better to overcome these difficulties, greetings and thanks

  • Good morning, I'm playing Supremacy 1914 since May 2012.

    Today I am in 5th place in the global ranking.

    I played 586 games winning half of them, I was part of some alliances, I taught young recruits the game, I won almost all the medals, ribbons and badges.

    After the Italian tournament I will leave Supremacy 1914, it is unplayable.

    Needless to repeat what has already been said, playing only for graphics is not satisfactory for serious players.

    Supremacy 1914 is a strategy game and such must remain, legacy mode was perfect, but I can understand that the world is changing and not always for the better.

    At first Bytro organized tournaments, today it no longer does.

    I play on many servers and I realized that more and more users leave games, not to mention double accounts.

    Scenarios such as South America, Battle of the Balkans, battle for Western Europe, are no longer played and the others immediately abandoned, few players remain to fight against AI.

  • I gave the new UI a few days before posting here. Reading through the already posted comments I dont think I will bring anything new. But anyways here goes my observations after really trying to work with the new UI:

    - Please buy your development team new monitors. Scaling on a QHD display is terrible. Somewhere the graphics are cluttered so you dont see whats going on while in other spots there is a lot of unused space.

    - This point ties to the previous one. Whats up with the resource rounding at the top? Resource in stock are rounded to thousands, per hour production is regular and gold stock is a completely different font on the right not rounded. Now I would get you want to make the gold more visible given its the source of your income, but why is it smaller?

    - Zooming seems working only in half. The big unit icons get bigger, the resource icons get bigger but not quite as much, improvement graphics (harbors) get basically lost, unit numbers stay the same. Province font zooming is even more botched as when zooming out the outline makes the text look blurry and hard to read. Small details, such as flames from a province with low morale being barely recognizable and harbor icons sometimes floating in water do not show a level of refinement that I expected after many months of the new UIs (partly mandatory) deployment.

    - The chat windows is extremely annoying. After first login I click on it and barely see it. I have to find the type window and click it to make it work. If I press the chat button, I expect the chat to appear, not to go into a "hide and seek" mode. When I click some province or unit, the chat goes away. If I resize the window and change its position, upon reloading the page it remembers the position but not the size. When I go away and login after some time its back in the default position. And why I cannot chat in the espionage window?

    - When you put the chat just right of the buttons, the text of the menu buttons (such as Resources) is behind the chat window making it unreadable.

    - When you go through the left menu buttons, they all open a middle screen window with two exceptions. The espionage button changes into the espionage screen and the province manager pops up from the right. This is very reminiscent of the old province manager, but given this is a completely new UI I dont see a reason for this inconsistency.

    - Also why are the windows fixed? With the chat you showed the UI is capable to create a resizable movable window. Just make all of those options (except the espionage) a movable window. I dont see a reason why I cannot chat, have the province manager opened and also have the stock market opened and use all.

    - When I click on a province, the left buttons dissapear. Why? I can click the provinces when they are blurred out while a window is open so why not the oposite?

    - The "map control" window is just comical. I mean it works fine-ish, a bit over complicated for me. But the "+" and "-" symbols in the zooming are tiny while selection icons with black background look like they dont belong there.

    - Performance is terrible. It runs fine on my main PC, but when I used it on my old laptop (3rd gen Core i7, 8GB RAM) it stutters, especially when zoomed and during zooming. I can play Kerbal Space Program smoothly on that laptop (low details of course) yet the new UI is too much demanding. Do I really need a six-core CPU to run this game fluently?

    - The graphics style makes the map hard to read for me. I have to zoom in almost all the way in and then go through the map to understand whats going on.

    And I could probably figure out some more points, but I did not keep a list and a lot has already been written here. I am struggling to find any improvement to the game and its playability from the new UI and so far only the espionage window seems better for me. But even it has issues with zooming. From a simple relaxing game it went to a frustrating and confusing mess.
    The new UI looks rushed, cluttered, badly optimized and (most importantly) is confusing. Overall I think it would not be so bad if it was the first time it was rolled out and you wanted to show how the game will look in the future with a half-baked rushed demo system. But for a UI that has been available for months, its just dissapointing.

    Comparing it to operating systems I would say the legacy UI was Windows 7. Old by now for sure, but proven and well known. While this is Windows 8 with the performance of Windows Vista. Im not saying you should abandon this new UI, but until the user comfort gets at least to a comparable level to the legacy UI, I think legacy should return as an option.

    Addon: To be fair, the new UI did force me to register on the forums, so you can count that as a positive outcome...

  • Bytro did think of this and there is an option for showing Nation Colors ( Top Right Corner , Takes a couple clicks) your screen shot is the default

    There is a saying "An UI is like a joke. If you have to explain it, its not good." If people are seriously having trouble finding basics such as color map settings its probably a thing to consider if the option is sufficiently recognizable in the UI.

  • Hey,

    wie ich schon erwähnte, um dieses Spiel flüssig spielen zu können, muss man echt einen Leistungsstarken Rechner haben, was echt Nonsens ist, meiner Meinung!

    Echt traurig, dass man kein Feedback von Bytro / Moderatoren bekommt.

    Die ziehen ihr Ding straight durch ohne Rücksicht auf Verlust.

    Das haben wir langjährige Spieler echt nicht verdient!

  • It's interesting that there's a common theme running through all the comments about the loss of legacy. It's a theme that is coming from YOUR customers and because we're ALL your customers perhaps you should listen to the main complaint.

    The theme is simple. Everyone is calmly explaining to you that they play games for relaxation and enjoyment. If they have to FIGHT with a game in order to find that enjoyment, they are going to move on and find some other game that they do NOT have to fight with and one which they're not working as unpaid labour where they're constantly testing and reporting their findings to a company which may or may not actually do something about the problems.

  • Played 7 yrs and over 300 Campaigns in Legacy Mode and in top 500.. Sadly this is my LAST Visit here,To many things I dislike to name and won't bitch over what was once a Good Strategy Game..

    This Game was made for mostly PC Gamers that had systems capable of playing it fine,changing it to fit (Telephones) was the Stupidest thing Possible..There is nothing about the(New)Version that I like or find understandable,I prefer Large Maps and it a Joke trying to figure out AI's, Exact Troop Locations,even Roads/Borders is far Worse now..

    If possible I have over 160K in Gold I will give away,My time here is Done..

    Farewell old Friends..