[S1914] Legacy-Removal Feedback Thread

  • Is it possible to save our preferred playing mode as a default for all log-ins rather than each time you log in , and each map you open having to go to turn off sound effects, music, and then toggle to low graphics display and then show nations colors on each map? 4 clicks + wait for map to re-load then another click...be nice if this was saved and not have to go thru same process with opening each map.

    It is like each time I open the ice box to grab a cold drink, I have to first grab ice pick to chip away the frozen ice built up around the drink since last cold drink was grabbed...LOL

    It should actually do that, if it doesnt it is either a bug or has to to with your browser settings (e.g. security settings or deleting cookies). Normaly you should also stay logged in per default. So if you have to login again each time it is a sign that no cookies are saved in your browser. For example for my account the settings are saved that I change. Maybe you can try with another browser to rule out some causes.

  • I have to say that the Coke analogy doesn't apply here. The Coca Cola company probably immediately saw in their market data how worse the adoption rates and revenues of the new coke were, and they had to react to them. The situation is exactly the opposite to S1914. S1914's main metrics all improved since we launched the revamp mode and made it the default 2 years ago. Before we launched the revamp mode there were even talks in the company to let S1914 slowly fade out because it was performing worse and worse and didn't meet today's standards anymore. But we decided to give it one more big shot and thus the Revamp was born. The metrics improved after we launched it. If we hadn't done that the game would have died already. Would you have prefered that? I know not everyone is a fan of the new graphics but perhaps it is better than no game at all, right? I can tell you that nowadays with the Revamp S1914 has the best metrics since its inception a decade ago. Most amount of active players, highest revenues. So it was all worth it. And this is not only coming from new users who leave the game after some days, I really have to disagree with the notion that this is our new playerbase. We still have alot of die-hard players and that is backed by metrics, the average account age is actually quite old for our user base. Plus, as I told earlier in this thread, since we deactivated the legacy mode last week we barely see any change in S1914's metrics.

    So yeah, while Coca Cola saw in their data that they made the wrong move and had to react, we are not seeing this in our data - to the contrary. We are making the game ready for the future and our data supports that. We have to constantly improve to stay relevant in today's gaming market. As I said earlier, we also try to incorporate your feedback where we can and you can indeed expect some improvements in the next weeks. I hope you hang in there and continue to provide us with feedback.

    oh, then congratulation for your move into the furture.

    The "metric" etc seems quite optimal.

    So, no need to do anything for the old legacy player, at all.

    Certainly, they will join revamp as soon as they understand

    the intentions for the relaunch.

    Spare your working time for the user who like the new UI

    and want to become a die-hard player in this environement.

    Go on and enjoy your success.

  • Just, wow wutant. Freezy, a game designer who can effect changes, takes the effort to give feedback in here, is here to try and help, who is opening the floor to improvements, and you try to slam the door shut?

    A half truth is merely a half lie.

  • Just, wow South Paw.

    Yes, as a Customer, I dared to respond to a posting from a game designer.

    I don't know, how much influence a game designer has to open something

    in this company.

    But in general I don't care, because I believe in the right of free speech -

    no matter, which position a person has who I respond to.

    And furthermore your interpretation of my posting

    is not my interpretation of the posting.

  • Very interesting ideas. I do agree, i had similar experience whith w7 to 10. Its a great comparrison but is the new mode truly w10 , or actualy w8? I would say as it is, whith no changes, the new mode is w8. Not user friendly, unecessary, a step backwards from legacy. I say this beause just like i did whith w8, im actualy giving a shot to the new mode, but i still havent found the "oh this isnt that bad actualy" moment. What i keep finding is frustration, and a bigger and bigger desire to return to "w7". Maybe whith further updates and good feedback, the new mode might become "W10". But atm. I dont see it. And the irony of this new mode is the more i play the current round whith it and the game naturaly gets bigger and whith more units, all the disavantages become more and more apperant. The reasons for this ive already said in other posts, and a lot of people have made good feedbacks about it. So whoever designs the Ui has some decent material to work whith.

    I do hope the devs can turn this arround.

  • I really tried to play in the new mode for a whole week. It is impossible and not playable for me. I have barricaded my running games into the archive. But since my army line runs until September, I have asked Bytro for a refund.

    This is the answer: Thank you Bytro!

  • I really tried to play in the new mode for a whole week. It is impossible and not playable for me. I have barricaded my running games into the archive. But since my army line runs until September, I have asked Bytro for a refund.

    This is the answer: Thank you Bytro!

    I can not read German or copy paste for Google Translation from a screen shot, did you get a Refund?

    I am sure AKAIR gave you very nice 'scripted' response ;)


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

  • Seriously, you should consider the avatar issue.

    It's almost invisible: not even in diplomacy you can see your own leader's face

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  • I have been playing supremacy since 2014. I used to love this game. Now, however, it is downright terrible. It is confusing, difficult to navigate, difficult to operate, and impossible to enjoy. The maps are clustered and polluted with unnecessary animations that make other important things hard to see clearly. The side tabs for diplomacy, stocks, etc. are small, and the functions themselves are unnecessarily complex. The icons and labelling of units are impossible to easily view and asses, borders and travelling lanes are difficult to see. The coloring of other countries on the map are far too similar and nearly impossible to distinguish. Just two minutes ago I had to click on provinces to determine where Japan ended and China began. Totally unplayable, totally ruined. It is an incoherent mess that you should be ashamed of. You forced new players into the new mode, blocked them from legacy mode, and then gave your most dedicated players the shaft and destroyed the game. I will likely never play again. Call of War is almost as bad.

  • My resignation
    (for some reason my old forum accounts didn't work and I was not able to log in, so had to make a new one)

    I have been playing supremacy 1914 for just over 7 years, I started with this game when I was a kid and I have had 3 different accounts up throughout my time on this game(I was never good at saving passwords, I've never played a game with more than 1 account). I have loved this game and long supported it both financially and by sharing the game with others, I have gotten over a 100 people to play this game and around 20 who have played it for multiple years. My newest account (which is from early 2018 still has over 100,000 goldmarks I will never get to use(not that I want to use it but a point to show how investet I have been in the game). I do struggle with dyslexia and as many others have pointed out I struggle with the new version which lacks optimasation for both color blind people and just makes everything look a lot more confusing (a lot better graphic wise of course but it is not for me). I have long supported the newer version of the game, which was in development for many years, but I personally did not like it when it came out. All I want is for Legacy to be an OPTION for the many of us who support it. Obviously the new version should be the focus. And I believe it worked great both for us and the developers when legacy mode was an option. By the looks of it, it seems legacy is gone for ever, and with this I hand in my resignation to the game. I loved Supremacy1914 and it gave me a lot of enjoyment throughout the years, hell I have even found and made some great friends on it. People I once met in a game, where we backstabed and fought against each other, but ended up adding each other on whattsapp and later discord, now we still hold contact and some I have even visited in the real world. I will miss supremacy but they do say all good things must come to an end, and for me the good things about S1914 was Legacy mode.

    Best of luck to everyone sticking with it!

  • This is getting ridiculous. Seriously, why can't we have this?

    Is it really so hard to implement it in revamp as an option? Not to mention tactical armies view WAS A THING before.

    1sec look at this stack gives me a 100% info about its composition and location.

    This thing would solve like half - if not more - of the complaints...

  • for all those who are leaving because of revamp - thank you very much that you made that game and community fun place to stay

    you will not be forgotten!

    ps. consider starting own topic where you write what you have achieved in the past decade in supremacy, that is history which should not be forgotten

  • Extra info i just noticed. I cant even diferentiate information from what i see from unit view range, from information from spies. They use to have a different look. Now they dont. Another thing to improve

  • revamp path finding broken to the core

    in legacy when AI/Human took ROW from you all paths were recalculated to avoid causing war, from what I remember. Since revamp came I caused ,only in one map, 15 unintentional wars. troops were not stopping after ROW was removed and marching into neutral provinces. Rally points were pushing new units straight through everything, not even checking if we still have ROW.

    looks to me that revamp path finding works only once- when you give order to move or create rally point.after that 0 checks are done if the route is still valid. whoever removed those check should bring them back. remove graphic from revamp, not mechanic that is needed for game to continue normally. noone cares about nice models but when game causes you 15 wars because it's systems are broken

    ofc everything started when someone decided to change popularity system without proper in-depth testing how this will influence gameplay, but this is another story

    all to all revamp is so broken and probably unfixable ( if almost nothing was done to fix it for 2 years) GMs and HC are here to save your time but revamp forces you to quadruple check if everything works as it was intended to because of multiple issues. so you finish fixing yourself all bad commands revamp has done. Revamp does not meet any criteria of p2W software unfortunately and should be shut down immediately till it is in playable state , not some alpha stage. it is not playing anymore - it is fighting UI and fixing all mistake UI and server have made.

    that is ofc my private opinion as a game designer and pro-player: waste of time to use revamp as you are forced to spend several times more time than playing same map in legacy

    you can have your own opinion but it starts to remind me Cyberpunk when they released it :-)