[S1] Release Notes - 2021-05-11

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    We’ve got something special in store for you today as instead of only listing the actual changes made to the game, the release notes will be dedicated to informing you about the transformation of the game. Below you will find multiple concept art assets, as well as insights into the upcoming changes. Note that none of the units shown below will be released yet, but will instead be part of a major update in the future. A list of all bug fixes will of course also be included at the end, as they are relevant to the existing, as well as the future state of the game.

    If you follow our social media accounts @Supremacy1 on Twitter or Facebook, you might have caught a glimpse of one of the first mech units that will roam the battlefields in the future, already.


    Jokingly named "Zecke" (or tick in english) by its designers, this war maschine packs a devastating punch. Combined with its ability to traverse and hide in difficult terrain, it will be the bane of any advancing armored formation and is ideally suited to defend vital sectors of the frontlines. The sheer size of its main armament should also allow you to make a decent estimation regarding the dimensions of its prey.
    While the Zecke will no doubt be able to make a dent in any enemy's armor, it is all but helpless when it comes to defending against infantry, as it lacks small calibre defensive armament. It is thus best used in combination with its own infantry in an ambush role or fortified positions.

    Speaking of infantry: as in all wars it will still be the backbone of an army. Being a jack of all trades but master of none, it can adapt to most situations and is a crucial asset in any grand battleplan.


    In order to remain effective on a battlefield shared with towering mechanized walkers, the standard infantry kit will include body armor, face shields, improved rifle designs and grenades, as well as utility tools. Whether it’s deployed in a defensive role manning the trenches or supporting armored formations in an attempt to break through enemy lines, infantry will remain a core unit, especially in the early periods of the war.

    Apart from the units and dynamics on the actual battlefields, the world itself will also be distinctively different compared to the one currently present in the game. While the continental shape of Europe will still provide the overall shape of the map, individual nations will mostly draw inspiration from historical counterparts. This results in adjusted borders, different forms of government and alternate names for almost all nations, allowing for an entirely new dynamic of the game.

    While many aspects are subject to change such as units, country borders, the game economy and the general setting of the world, one aspect remains unchanged. Strategic thinking, sound tactical planning and cunning diplomacy will still be the key to victory in the war to come.

    Stay tuned for further updates to ensure that you don’t miss any crucial bits of information and to be able to prepare as best as possible, as your skills will undoubtedly be tested on a completely different level.

    For a full list of all content included in today’s release, please refer to the list below:


    • New shaders are implemented, replacing the existing ones, which will result in better performance and a slight change in the display of colours on the map.

    Bug fixes:

    • A problem was resolved that caused the option to disable the display of individual unit types on the map to not work properly. Even if deselected, all unit types would still be displayed. The filters now work properly again and work as intended.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented players from removing rally points once they’ve been set. While they could be moved, they could not be deleted.
    • A bug was fixed that caused an error message to be displayed when the page was refreshed while the Support Request Form was open.
    • An issue was resolved that resulted in the positioning indicators for units to not be displayed properly at all times. Positioning dots are now always displayed for all units at the correct location on the map
    • Submarines are now always displayed at the bottom in case several units are present at the same location.
    • An issue was resolved that could cause some sections of a unit's movement line to turn invisible unless it was hovered over. The complete movement line of units is now visible again

    We hope you’re as excited about the future of the game as we are. Make sure to share your thoughts regarding the first released concept art for new units and the adjusted setting of the game world.

    Your Bytro Team