Opponent is able in Revamp to control your spies- how is it possible and how to defend from that exploit?

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    I am getting wrecked by spies while my offensive and defensive spies do not work at all. can someone explain me what happened in revamp that opponents can switch off your spies and how to defend myself from that? No report in Spy panel, no information about performing missions or catching one of hundreds enemy spies. many provinces are rebelling and all my factories are getting destroyed and I cannot continue wars in that map.

    56 counter spies, 26 military spies, 12 Intel spies- not a single one worked since 2 days and opponents do not have any problems with using spies. It happened only in that map and only to my country. I am just fine in other maps and I was fine in that one too since 2 days away. My opponent said to me that those who have power and influence can control spies- very vague statement but maybe it will help CS find a reason for that bug.

    polish map gameID=3685264 : Golden Buddha ( poitou charentes)

    I have sent report but there is no answer this is why I write here.




    this is severe breach of security if opponent can control partly your account ( spies) and somehow switched them off. I would say it is critical bug which meed urgent attention in Revamp.

  • Golden Buddha

    Changed the title of the thread from “Opponent is able in Revamp to control your spies- why it is allowed?” to “Opponent is able in Revamp to control your spies- how is it possible and how to defend from that exploit?”.
  • Hi, opponents can't control your spies. In case you're deploying 100+ spies this can cause problems with the spy report in rare cases. Reducing the amount slightly can help with it. You're not guaranteed to catch enemy spies so you might have simply been unlucky.

  • is it possible to give test cases to FP and tester to see what is happening to spies in 500 maps?

    i am not able to describe situation as i do not see logs but quality of counter spies is couple times worse than in legacy

    same with my offensive spies

    sometimes both counter spies and offensive spies do exactly nothing as there are no information in newspaper they caught anything or destroyed anything

    i noticed that for 12 years spies of same kind were performing different actions at the same day: stealing, dmging , seeing armies

    right now it looks more like spies either destroy, or steal or see armies? Is it a correct observation?