New layout

  • Hello admin and designers!

    I was just asked to reload the game for some improvements.

    The color of our territories has changed to a far too light (!) green... difficult for the eyes. The contrast with the other colors is too high.

    All the best to you!

  • Hey, the changes were implemented based on player feedback.

    In general it is intended that the own nation now has a ligh green color to differentiate it from other countries more.

    However, we accidentally increased the brightness to much in the low graphics mode, this will be decreased again in a future update.

    The decrease of size of the army labels was also a highly requested change. You can still zoom in to see them properly.

    But also here there was an unexpected side effect on mid zoom levels where the unit icons on the labels where displayed too small and blurry, which will also be fixed soon.

  • I personally love the changes, the issue regarding too small too bright can be resolved through resolution settings of your pc or mobile

    i also believe if there was seasonal decorations such as; a hopping rabbit on snow in winter or a hopping deer on grass in summer, i think would make it even more fun to play