MOBA Battle Rounds

  • Hello

    I see that many people enjoy fast rounds

    what about creating a quite fast round with preassigned forts ,railways , ports, airfields and troops.

    round will last 6-24 h with 4 -10 * speed but you are not able to build any new troops, just buildings if you need them.

    I would love to get rid of building anything but you cannot use planes without airfields....

    so idea is to have very fast map for players who are only focused on fighting. Two equal teams in europe 10 for start.

    It will look more like a MOBA Fight with units able to heal on a day change

    maybe we can introduce control points which heal faster - this is for further testing

    idea is to check how many people would prefer fighting instead of simcity. If idea will work bytro can turn it into completely new branch of supremacy

    short MOBA fighting scenarios for those who want to fight without waiting for army to build.

    initial setup: lets say forts lvl 2 everywhere, capital lvl 5

    1 port, 3 airfields

    12 provinces

    you cannot move capital

    capital taken- all enemy troops disappear ( or join your side)

    army ( we need to ask people but can start from)

    250 infs

    25 arts

    25 fighters

    10 bombers

    5 Balloons

    5 HT

    10 Tanks

    5 RG

    50 cavs

    25 acs

    10 Uboots

    25 LCs

    10 BSes

    vote vote vote

    and supp plz

    let us know what do you think about such a MOBA fight and what would you like see in it.

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