new player here asking for some attack tips

  • List of supremacy 1914 guides
    Compiled list of guides found in
    Strategy Discussion
    Flower Defence - How to greatly Increase Defense
    Bastion Defence - How to reinforce during battles
    Complied data spreadsheet - Mathematics behind the game
    Supplements - Detailed game mechanics
    HNR / SNS - How to kill enemies without losing a single unit
    Fighting with Planes
    (Immelmann turn) - Trick to fight planes against planes
    Harvesting morale - How to quickly rise morale of troops for free
    Popularity - Relationship with Elite AI nations
    Supremacy 1914 guide - General guide
    Doom Stacks - How to setup an army
    Lemming strategy - How to destroy fortresses
    Flanders Front Statistics - Statistics of different troops in the Flanders Front event
    Best/Worst Use of Gold Marks - How to use Goldmarks properly
    Beginners Build Guide - Schedule for construction of buildings at the start of the game
    Know you enemy: Donut Coalitions - A diplomaic strategy
    The Golden Path to The Golden Wisdom - General guide

  • Just realized this is a Supremacy 1 Post, most of game mechanics will still be the same , and strategy will be same however your build guide has to be different in Supremacy 1, best to befriend a more experienced player and to pick their brain, usually guys are glad to help and to share info with fellow players which are eager to learn.

    Slyx when will Bytro separate these Forums? Supremacy 1 has been attached to S1914 for couple years now and confusion is never ending