Allow country and provs name change

  • So I think it would be a good idea to let players change their country names because for example some countries start out with names like 'Podolia and Bessarabia' and lots of people don't like that so it would be good to let them change its name... and also I think players should be able to change names of their provinces because lets say Germany has Cracow and Poland recaptures it, they would probably want to change the name to Krakow, also there's some weird province names like 'East Greenland'?? where tf is that? and i'm pretty sure that there's a province in Iceland in the 500p map that has a really long name, like 30 letters long, so it would be good if players could change those... thank you


  • Just remember, the names are set to the corresponding timeline, in history that is. Those were the provinces and names in the early 20th Century. Spelling too. Its up for interpretation really but I dont see the point. I can see where you are coming from and agree with you to an extent, but its such a minuscule detail that shouldnt really hinder your gameplay.

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  • I would like the idea, except for two reasons.

    First, immature players would name countries and provinces after body parts.

    Second, it would increase the country management workload having to figure out where a country/province is when it has a non-standard name. They're hard enough to locate already on mobile.

  • And players need to be learn which country is which with frequent changes of name.

    In fact, i feel that country name should be as short as possible and use familiar historical names to reduce learning curve. I do not see much point in giving long country names like:

    1. "Emirate of Nejd and Hasa", Prefer to call it "Arabia". Easy;

    2. "Union of South Africa". "South Africa" will do.

    3. "Dominion of Canada", "Canada" will do.

    On the other hand, certain countries are given short and simple name like "Persia"? If you like long names, you may like to call it "Enlightening Kingdom of Persia"? Ha ha ha

    Same with "Peru", "Colombia" and so on. Strangely have short names.

  • and issue is- what happens when someone take ocver such a province? does is stay with strange name?

    it is betetr as it is as everyone knwos where is paris o london.

    search option would have been bugegd with 25 londons on map.

    much better idea is to allow name changes for armies , planes and ships so you know where army group india is and do not mistaken it with army group africa