Plane Refueling is Useless

  • I find that plane refueling is so trivial. If refueling is so important why not reload ammunitions, do routine maintenance and give time to vacuum and wash the the plane?

    Slows down the game for no good reason.

    It takes a few minutes and waste our playing time. The plane can't move at all or execute any orders.

    Suggest to remove this refueling requirement. Thanks.

  • Refueling planes is a tactical gameplay mechanic. Realistically speaking planes are most vulnerable when on the airfield and can't simply take off again after a F1 - esque pitstop within a minute.
    Refueling is the term used and could include rearming the plane as well, but "Rearming, refueling, doing preflight checks, and inspections" would be a rather long and pointless tooltip, so it is limited to the state of "refueling"

  • Planes are technically a different unit when in the process of refueling more akin to a convoy. I don't have the exact number in my head right now, but their defence value is close to 0. Don't quote me on it, it might also be 0.5 but they're very vulnerable and can't really defend themselves.

    Refueling is really the most perfect time for you to take out big chunk of an enemy plane stack. Hard to time it perfectly though, as the refueling doesn't take all that long on a big airfield.

  • Refueling can be just 10 minutes. Fighters can attack them unless, there is a land stack just beside it or within range of artillery which seldom happen. Normally, the planes would be relocated to another air base.

    Thanks for your reply.

    However, I can't see how plane "refueling" is a tactical gameplay opportunity as its too short of time to attack it.

  • If your enemy ordered a direct attack on one of your units, he'll have to fly back and refuel. This can't be cancelled. If you spot it within time you can plan a counterstrike on the airfield just about when the enemy aircraft are being refueled.