What is the role of the capital? No province morale penalty for distance from capital?

  • Seems that there is no province morale penalty for distant from capital. The strategy for a centrality of the capital is removed. Wondering if capturing any enemy capital has any effect? Can someone clarify on what is the role of the capital?

  • well i posted something about this this very morning ............. i asked a question and it was why dont we get anything for taking capitol cities because from what i have seen in my games we get absolutley nothing !!!! hopefully someone can clarify !!!

  • Ya, i read that thread. It says that capital has no role, then why need a capital?

    But i noticed that in Sone (Tesla Wars) the following:

    1. Capital do cost $30k to relocate. I did that for fear of being captured by the enemy;

    2. When i capture an enemy capital, there i news similar to S1914 where morale is up for me and down for the enemy; and

    3. Seems that there is an increased of production output for the capital province.

    Grateful if someone confirm or comment on these. Many thanks.