[S1] Iron Order 1919 - A New Era

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    Attention, Generals!

    We’ve got some long awaited news in store for you today, containing crucial information of the highest importance.

    After several months of hard work by our game designers, artists, developers and everyone else involved in the process, we’re proud to inform you that the major changes which we announced and showcased during the last 6 weeks are about ready and will be released on 2021-08-04.

    In this regard we want to make sure that you are aware of the scale on which this will affect the game itself and the way you will be able to play in the future.

    Our feature showcases and unit teasers might already let you presume that the changes to come are so vast, that they are essentially reshaping the entire game, apart from keeping core gameplay aspects. With the emergence of towering Mechs, altered country borders, names, governments and an alternate history preceding the setting, the project outgrew our initial idea to merely expand the game. It is for this reason that we decided to seek a more fitting name that better represents the world in which you will soon be able to strife for glory.

    Once the update is completed you will find yourself as head of state and military leader of a nation in Iron Order 1919.

    Before you will get a chance to assume direct command of Mechs and establish your nation as a dominant power on the continent, the existing game will undergo a transition period in order to prepare everything for a great start.

    We will therefore first disable the ingame shop on 2021-07-20, meaning you won’t be able to make any further purchases until the release of Iron Order.

    Users who have logged into the existing game within the last 3 months before the release will have any remaining gold transferred to the new game and converted to an amount of equal value. On top of that, any account that has been active within the last 3 months will also receive a starting gift worth 20.000 Gold.

    As a next step we will disable the creation of new maps by users as well as by the system on 2021-07-27. Please note that all maps have a fixed time limit of two weeks. Even though this limit is rarely reached, it would still be possible for an ongoing map to end before it is concluded, as the release of Iron Order will instantly result in the closure of all ongoing maps. Make sure to create or join any maps you’d still like to play before this date in order to guarantee that you’ll be able to bring them to a conclusion. This is also your last chance to settle open scores with rivals or friends on the battlefields of old Europe, before they will change forever.

    Speaking of scores, with the release of Iron Order any profile statistics will be reset, including won matches, scored unit kills and constructed buildings. Everyone will have a fresh start, an opportunity to leave old grudges in the past and forge his legacy anew.

    Until then we will make sure to drill the first batch of recruits for your armies, finalize the last field trials of Mech prototypes, ready assembly lines for mass production of vital equipment and ensure a sufficient supply of iron ore and other essential resources required for the inevitable rekindling of the great war!

    We wish you the best of luck for your last campaigns in Tesla Wars and are looking forward to meeting you on the battlefields of Iron Order 1919!

    Your Bytro Team

  • your release states that each game is fixed at 2 weeks, will that be enough time to research and build a flying fortress ??

    This refers to the current maps in the "old" version. You will of course have enough time to build all units once the update is released and also be able to utilize them to a great extend.

  • I played about 5 S1 (Tesla Wars) and 2 Call of War games. Not really that good. Although there are more unit types and better graphics, they don't really make the game better. S1914 is a simpler game with less unit types and lower graphic, but it seems more complex.

    One feature that is absent from S1 and Call of War that is available in S1914, is the choice to choose which resource to use. For example, if we are short of grain, we can use fish. And there is also production choice and interplay with buy and sell. This is not available in S1 and Call of War. In this aspect, these 2 newer games are rather static in regard to resource management.

    The other important aspect is the players. S1914 has many hardcore and veteran players that makes the game very intense especially on the 500 player map. S1 and Call of War don't seem to have such type of players. May be, I have not met them yet and are playing on a small map of mostly new and casual players.

  • Call of War definitely has quite a few hardcore players that min-max whatever possible to win. You could try some larger maps, especially 2x or 4x world maps attract the more seasoned veterans.

  • I think the original S1 is better. Road system, aggressive AI. I see the current version already upgrade the cavalry portrait. And it looks creepy. A man with iron mask, another one has giant gas mask which is bigger than his face. Well, according to the image. It's definely not connected with his helmet.

    Also, if these previous content not want to use. They can transfer to the S1914. Shape S1914 to the better game.