[S1] Iron Order 1919 - A New Era

  • Well here's a major negative - you can buy manpower in this game. As I recall, you couldn't buy manpower in either Tesla Wars or CoW, which put a brake on cash gamers. But in this game you can buy as many combat units as you can afford, which obviously puts players with limited means at a potentially big disadvantage.

    When I think about, the scarcity of resources in both CoW and IO is probably there to tempt users into spending $$$ to buy more, since it doesn't make any sense purely in game terms.

    The whole "new" system is designed to get people to use gold and spend money. Everything is based on that. Every investment I made in Supremacy 1914 is gone, gold was supposedly adjusted, but with everything so slow it is highly devalued. All rank and accomplishments are also, just gone.

  • Actually, I'm not sure you can buy manpower in IO. There was definitely an option there to buy it the other day, but then yesterday I looked again and the manpower option was there again briefly but then it disappeared and hasn't come back - or at least, if it is there, I can't find it.

    With regard to S1914, I haven't played it for some months but last time I played units were as plentiful there as always as provinces spawn infantry automatically. Did they change that? Because if so, that would be a major change to a game that's been their big winner for many years and game companies don't usually do that sort of thing.

  • Wait - it's back. It must be some sort of bug that sometimes it doesn't appear, because it definitely wasn't there yesterday or the day before, but was there earlier. In fact, when I went to look at it a couple of days ago, it briefly appeared but then disappeared right before my eyes, so I think that's pretty good evidence it's a bug.

    Update: it's disappeared again, now "top offers" is only showing food again, so yeah, it's got to be a bug.

  • BTW, here's another bug: disappearing AI artillery. On two occasions now, I've been facing an AI-controlled stack of enemy units which included an artillery unit, and had to leave attacking it overnight, and when I've come back the next day, the arty unit has just disappeared into thin air. On both occasions, the arty unit had nowhere to go as it was the last province of that country and was surrounded by my provinces.

    It is possible of course that the arty units didn't just disappear, but tried to melee attack my units and got killed, but arty should not be melee attacking so that would be a bug regardless.