[S1] Game Creation Stop - 2021-07-27

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    Attention, Generals!

    In accordance with the announced release for Iron Order 1919 on August 4th, the transition plan to prepare everything for the release will proceed. As a next step we will disable the creation of new maps both by players, as well as by the system.

    You will be able to continue playing any map that has already started until August 4th. At this point all running maps will be closed automatically, as they won’t work after the literally game changing release of Iron Order 1919.

    Speaking about game changers, we contained ourselves until now with the showcase of the biggest, most powerful and fearsome unit of them all. An absolute giant of a mech whose shadow can shroud an entire battalion in darkness before eradicating it with its main guns.


    The Titan is without a doubt the king of the battlefield and dominates other units once his construction is complete. Equipped with two massive main cannons and a plethora of smaller batteries of various calibers he possesses enough firepower to single handedly take out an army group. At the same time he is cladded in such heavy armor that only prolonged, concentrated barrages of smaller units, or guns of equal caliber realistically pose a threat.

    On top of these menacing characteristics the Titan is large enough to allow for the installation of two smaller takeoff and landing strips on its massive frame, which interceptor aircraft can operate off of. This does not only further bolster the Titans tactical and strategic capabilities but also counters the realistic threat of having to endure the bombardment by an enemy Flying Fortress in case Interceptor squadrons have been assigned to the defense of the Titan.

    This breathtaking power comes at a steep price though, as the research and construction of a single titan requires significant investments in resources and time, straining the production capabilities of even the largest nations and draining their stockpiles.

    While the Titan itself can go face to face with an army on its own, it is slow and can only be at one place at a time. It is therefore vital to keep in mind that the Titan itself is a late game unit that should be the final nail in the coffin of your enemies but it can’t singlehandedly win you a war if you neglect all other unit branches just to construct it.

    With the release of Iron Order 1919 but a mere week away, we hope you’re as hyped about being able to command all of these fantastic new tools of war as we are. The mighty Titan which can not only wipe out enemy formations in a single blast of his main cannons but also operate aircraft off of its giant frame, the Flying Fortress effectively acting as an airborne command center and artillery, being able to set entire frontline sections of fire with hellstorm shells or the stealthy but deadly Hunter Mech along many other units which we didn’t showcase yet will all be part of the release.

    Make sure to sign up on August 4th and be one of the first generals to leave his mark on the battlefields of Iron Order 1919!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Air Carrier +WWII airplanes + Big Cannon + Mech Legs? What kind of monster is that? And how does it use on the battlefield?

    Definely not on the ocean...

    I mean, even in the alternative timeline. No one will want to use it to operate combat.

  • Air Carrier +WWII airplanes + Big Cannon + Mech Legs? What kind of monster is that? And how does it use on the battlefield?

    Definely not on the ocean...

    I mean, even in the alternative timeline. No one will want to use it to operate combat.

    It will act as a late game unit that can swing the war in your favor it it isn't challenged. Surely there is a bit of creative freedom involved in the design, but after testing this beast myself a couple of times already, I can assure you you'll love it once you see it in action.

    Will the HC purchaseres loose all their privileges at changeover?

    HC will be a part of Iron Order so you'll also keep it after the update goes live.

  • Slyx ,

    Do you know the whole Bytro series game already became functional stuff? Players just need to storm their airplanes and ships to bombing their enemies and win the game easily. It's not the common sense of S1. But all of them.

    Considering the game speed, I'd say that small structures can be import to the game, like landmine, barricade.(or other things, able to break the old rules) They can be used in the 10 players map(or below this number).

    And as the alternative timeline, players should be able to choose their nation, like the kingdom, republic, communist nation...etc. Each nation performs a different effect. Like faster the conscript producing speed...etc.

    Add more management stuff will be more fun. Even these games are only few players to play them.(or who is gonna to solve the inactive player problem?)

    The original S1914 perform different city looking. It's quite good(but I didn't play that version before). Despite the unit images are rough. But it will add some colors to the game.

  • It will act as a late game unit that can swing the war in your favor it it isn't challenged......

    Of course, in the game, you can turn everything into very powerful stuff.. Even it's just a vehicle which made by papers.

    In the game, it's just a texture with an image.

    I mean, in reality...why should someone invent this stuff. In most games with mechs. Those machines were invented earlier and replaced wheel vehicles. So, it's fine. However, this concept of art is not just a common mech. In the other concept art, people can make the flying battleship. So I think a flying air carrier will be much more reasonable? Instead of a slow movement carrier fortress.

    About the cavalry, I have the same question too. New cavalry become the medieval heavy cavalry for what? And their rough lance also can't compare with Knight's metal lance(because easy to broken). Cavalry should kill unarmored units much easier, also with speed. If you want to let cavalry put heavy armor on. Why don't just let mech do their job?

    The whole new unit images are blend with Steampunk(that recon mech), medieval style and anti-gravity elements.

    About the reason why those nations (I don't know) choose to develop these kinds of stuff, it's still a riddle.

  • Hi sorry I’m late to the party. I just wanted to know if any of you could approximate the specifications of the mech. Like weight,height,width,length,aircraft carried (just the amount not the type),armament and armour. Thank you so much if you could help!