Forts don't matter anymore?

  • So, I had 56 infantry, 2 artillery, 2 Heavy tanks, 5 Cavalry in a level 5 fort and was attacked by 10 artillery firing from a road. I took damage to the fort and workshop and lost 1 artillery piece. I REMEMBER being inside a level 5 fort and firing artillery with impunity because the fort needed to be taken down before the ones inside being damaged. OH, and just to prove it was not a fluke. I also had 2 artillery inside another level 5 fort and had 3 artillery destroy both artillery pieces with no damage to the infantry and cavalry accompanying them. b78//+:cursing::cursing:

  • Sounds like part of the HnR update as if your arty are somehow targeted because of the range capabilities, return fire mechanic or something at play, with such a huge meat shield and heavy Tanks no way arty should absorb any damage in a lvl 5 fort


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  • Okay, here's ANOTHER example of Forts not mattering anymore...with pictures.

    That picture shows what happened after the first attack by 5 men of an AI nation against 2 men with HIGH morale in a level 5 fort. As you can see, I lost 1 man and the AI lost NOTHING. OH, and both the morale of the 2 men was boosted using GM that was purchased AND the fort was built to level 5 with GM as well.

    THAT image shows what happened AFTER an hour and the second attack went in. NOBODY lost ANYTHING.

    I didn't bother making another image after the 3rd attack because the AI took the city along with what I suspect is now a level 5 fort for THEM. The reason I didn't bother making an image is because I sent in a report and I was FURIOUS. Why buy GM? Why build forts? They're useless right now, even against the AI!!!