[S1] Iron Order 1919 - Release

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    Attention, Generals!

    The day has come, Iron Order 1919 will be released today!

    As soon as the update process has finished it’ll be up to you to choose the first nation with which to strive for glory on the battlefields of an alternate Europe. Any strategic and tactical expertise you gained while commanding your armies and managing diplomatic relations in the past will surely come in handy, but be assured that warfare has evolved quite significantly as there are new powerful tools at your disposal.

    It is thus vital for any ambitious general to quickly adapt and learn how to use and utilize new units to the best of their abilities and overcome any obstacle. Be it the addition of Hunter Mechs to your garrisons which will blunt any armored breakthrough attempts, the careful management of resources and research slot to field the most advanced Mechanized Infantry and Heavy Mechs, or disrupting your enemies plans to delay his offenses until you can deploy a mighty Titan in order to crush any opposition, there are plenty of new tactics and strategies to be learned!

    To ensure a smooth start of Iron Order 1919 all ongoing maps that were started before the update will be closed immediately. All records and statistics will also be reset as many of the old units and maps become irrelevant. Today will truly be a new beginning for everyone, although basing its core mechanics on proven concepts also present in Tesla Wars before.

    Talking about a new beginning, the release of Iron Order 1919 will only be the start of our journey. We still have some things to iron out (no pun intended) during the following weeks and many great ideas for future additions to the game. New mechanics, units, features and maps are already being discussed and planned so we’re really looking forward to build upon the foundation which we’re laying today.
    While you can play the game both on desktop and mobile devices, we strongly advise you to try the mobile version first, as many practical interface changes as well as visual polishing can only be found there for the time being. We plan to unify changes in the future but for now focus on the mobile version, which is used by the majority of players.

    In order to make sure we can work on future content we need to make sure the foundation is working and, most importantly, fun to play for the majority of users. In this regard we’re reliant on your personal feedback. Let us know what you think of the new units, how they play and if their balancing needs adjustment after you tested them in some matches. We’ve already got a roadmap set up that we want to work on consisting of additional content and improvements but direct user feedback can and will significantly affect the content of the first updates during the following months.

    You can share your thoughts, ideas and first impressions of Iron Order 1919 with us on our dedicated Discord Server. If you have Discord installed on your device already you can join directly by simply clicking here!

    The entire team has been working very hard for the last 6 months to not only make the project come to life but get everything ready for a successful release and is therefore incredibly excited to finally be able to invite you to join us on the battlefield. With production facilities springing to life, recruits being enlisted and first commands being issued we’re just as excited to have you on board for the real journey of developing the game and making it the best it can possibly be.

    So what are you waiting for ? Login to the game, join your first map, build the first Mechs and accept the challenge of establishing yourself as one of the finest military minds in Iron Order 1919!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Hi sorry I’m late to the party. I just wanted to know if any of you could approximate the specifications of the mech. Like weight,height,width,length,aircraft carried (just the amount not the type),armament and armour. Thank you so much if you could help