Release Notes - 2021-08-31

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    • The name of a player's country is now displayed in the player's details of a game round.
    • We reworked the popup that informs players about an impending defeat in Dominion game rounds.
      • Province list with not captured Control Points was replaced by a list of players that occupied the needed number of Control Points to win the round.
      • A timer is displaced next to players who managed to occupy the required number of Control Points to win the round, indicating the remaining time these players need to hold the Control Points to finish the game.
    • In Dominion games, the content of the “ranking” tab in the victory progress panel was replaced with information specific to the Dominion game mode.
      • When a player collects enough Control Points to start the timer, the content of the tabis replaced with the impending victory/defeat popup (see point above). It once again is replaced with the previous content if the timers are aborted.
    • The layout and styling of diplomacy player list entries was reworked. Entries now look better, aligned, and organized.
    • The instant actions section of province spy on mobile devices was reworked to look better, aligned, and organized.
    • Useful tips were added on the loading screen.

    Bug Fixes:

    • A bug was fixed that caused a wrong travel time to be displayed in the tooltip of planes when the plane was sent to a new location from a patrol mission instead of an airfield.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented the trend icon to be displayed next to the morale bar in the province bar on mobile devices.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the “Patrolling” status to be displayed in the army bar of planes when the plane was just relocated to another position on the map.
    • An issue was resolved that caused some sections in the game to refer to “Goldmark” as “Gold” in the game.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the country borders with a country the player was at war with to be displayed incorrectly (missing hedgehogs).
    • A bug was fixed that prevented ranged units from immediately opening fire on enemy ranged units when they were moving with offensive or aggressive fire control, or when they received splash damage.
    • An issue was resolved that caused some units to take long detours when movement was initiated by the AI, after the player did not login for a while.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the province border graphics to be displayed in wrong locations on some maps.
    • An issue on mobile devices was resolved that opened the shop in the background when a player tried to set the fire control of a unit without High Command membership.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the incorrect chat tab to be displayed when exiting and re-entering chat. When you exit and re-enter chat the previously selected chat tab is displayed now.
  • Hello,

    There are some points I would like to mention:

    New features are alright.

    Bug fixes are always welcome.

    However, the performance got really bad. It became very laggy after this update. Already cleared cookies (no difference) and the game was working perfectly earlier.

    Pls fix this critical issue,

    I can no longer play the game normally.

    Best regards

  • I have also experienced more lag than usual on a 500-player map since yesterday.

    But because 500-player maps tends to get more laggy over time, I am not entirely sure if this is due to the update

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  • Also have noticed with incognito window which stops cookies the diplomacy such as shared intel reverts to shared maps, pathfinding issues have again entered maps, now thinking of returning to legacy to play my 500 maps because of lag now happening in ReVamp /Ultimate display


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  • The useful tips are a nice idea but in reality, there is not enough time to read them. Before you get to finish reading, the game has loaded and the tip is gone. This would be more beneficial as a Daily European content like a popup on the first page when people open up the newspaper each day. These tips, hints and suggestions could be read at the players own pace and always referred back to within that day. The topics could even be linked to a forum page for more in-depth discussion.

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  • We are investigating the performance issues currently.

    Any word on this? It's been three weeks and the 500 man map is incredibly difficult to play with the game client continuously crashing and having to repeat inputs while the whole maps lags constantly.

  • Arcorian

    Closed the thread.