Problems/Solutions in Battle Dynamics(Artilleries,Planes)

  • Hi,

    My name is Utku. I ve played this game very long time, I love it. I saw some serious problems. I ve believed these problems will fixed. I m checking updates to see did they solve, but still there s no improvement about these problems.

    I want summarize problems, and tell possible solutions:

    1)Artillery vs. artillery battles are one of the problem. Players are sending 1 troop from the front, then sending artilleries behind it. He is shooting then pulling back their artileries. My artilleries arent shooting him because of they shoot closest troops, wasting their shots. 1h later, they coming and shooting again. This should strategy game, not FPS. I shouldnt spend all of my day with controlling an artillery unit. Similar problem happens with railguns.

    -Possible solution:

    *There will a button down bellow, we will tell our unit to "fire only artilleries" "fire only tanks" etc. It will like advanced firing options[which already working), but it will free. This solution is enough to solve this problem.

    2)Planes... When we send them a target, enemy is spliting their troops. When I switch target, my plane goes back to airport.

    -Possible solutions:

    *Patrolling... I will send my plane with patroling mode. After it arrives its patrolling zone, as normal blue circle will pop up, and a timer will start ticking(2:00:00 for example). At this point, you can solve the problem in different 2 ways(choose easiest and best one):

    -->I ll press attack button and select a target. If target in blue circle, it will attack. If its not in blue circle, it will return back to base.

    -->There will a button I mentioned in 1) problem. Planes will have that button either. It will show up when plane arrive at patrolling zone. We will be able to select "attack ships", "attack troops", "attack artilleries" etc. When we press it, it will start looking for targets in its zone. if it founds, it will bomb it and return, then come back and bomb again, again with specified targets. If plane couldnt find any target in its patrolling time, it will come airfield and go back to patrol again.(until we sastop)

    As I told, it shouldnt be a FPS game. Its a strategy game. My head should be relaxed after I give any order. Hope they solve these problems soon.

  • Number 1 - There is a game mechanic in place to mitigate that. When your artillery kills 1 infantry, your next attack is after 1 minute instead of 1 hour.

    Number 2 - This is still an issue. I am not sure about when, but from information on Discord* it seems that probably next year it will get changed. Maybe even sooner.

    *Supremacy1914 has an official Discord server (invite: