Exciting world is mandatory with racism and insults?

  • I like this game, and i like to start at first new round when 2-3 new "500 worlds" are open on the same time/day after 7-10 days.

    First will be filled after 1-3 days, there start plenty players with skills, plenty players with High Command activated, plenty players who build with Gold: Railguns, Bombers and Battleships after two weeks, but also plenty players who insult and use racist remarks.

    When the map start to be dominated by players who send in every direction insults and racist remarks, the game start to be very bad. No one want to take attitude, everyone want to stay hidden, even if in Newspaper are posted messages like "Jihad my ass", "All muslims to eat my ****", "Look at your skin", "I hope to put muslims in gas chambers", "You need to die, because you are terorist. In this part of world are only terorist." and i can't reproduct insults about mothers etc.

    The game start to become a pain. Every day without action from moderators, make small players to become slaves of those ilegal players and good players start to leave, one by one, considering that they can't check Newspaper to see something interesting between a lot of miseries.

    I didnt started too many games, but the last one is terrible at this chapter. And after 3 days of reports to moderators sent by many players, nothing was changed.

    I am the only one who has come to this conclusion?

    I'm too pretentious about this game platform to expect to see this type of players deleted from the game from the beginning, before to become a normality?

    I need oppinions.

  • I agree with you that racist comments in the paper are not conducive to a good game. However, I have reported many articles in games for usage of "inappropriate language" or taunts and NOT ONCE have the GO's let it go. In extreme situations where someone continues after they have been warned and their posts have been removed, that person will also be banned from a round. I would be surprised to learn that nothing was done after several days of reports.

  • I have the same experience as Furry. All the reports I made about inappropriate langauge in newspaper had led to removal of the articles. I have not personally observed any bans yet, but i think the warning seems to work in stopping inappropriate language..

    I suggest you keep reporting those articles