Make S1914 Great Again

  • I have been constant participant of this game since October 2018, I have been leader of 2 alliances and have achieved Field Marshal rank , I also had privileged position as a Byto volunteer for some time in my service to community, I hope this resume will give me status as an Active Veteran among my peers in this community... Like me or hate me, all know I am consistent in my agenda with my intent being to always to help the community, I would like to see Bytro display receptiveness to constructive criticism. Perhaps this is better under Game Discussion Topic Thread but some of these topics I will mention are missing features, not all...

    I would like to point out some things which I see as positive evolution of this game which I enjoy so much... and also some flaws which I like Bytro to hear and act upon rather than being ignored like what all veteran players are thinking. I feel that with newer faces in Bytro Staff, that perhaps there is hope to 'Make S1914 Great Again' In my time here i see the following>

    We have now moved thru a transition and most are using ReVamp / Ultimate Immersion display including myself, this was a tough transition, Good job Bytro for seeing this thru... latest thing I am looking forward to is the upcoming change to combat mechanics and how this overhaul will be applied to S1914. I am also pleased with Official S1914 Discord server giving community unheard of contact with anyone above Moderator Pay Grade without filing a REPORT. I am happy to see announcement in Discord of TEST map starting and Guinea pigs needed.

    From what I have witnessed , most of Bytro issues revolve around transition to Mobil app while devoting major man hours and resources towards launching Supremacy1/Tesla Wars/IronOrder1919 (what ever is current name)

    While doing bi-monthly updates on s1914 game Bytro stubbornly refuses to modify / update unclear and vague language in rule descriptions which allow cheaters and multi account pushers to thrive in this community, while using NDA /German law to avoid transparency / accountability of seemingly corrupted volunteer staff (those that abuse their power and those that use the power to gain an edge in games) ; is not like someone is asking for Bytro game code or financials. Easy fix to avoid any Appearance of Impropriety, Bytro Volunteers should never be playing maps on server that they work on, ie... when I was volunteer I played Polish, German , Dutch servers, but never on English server.

    Alliances / League play and Role Play including GOLD FREE scenarios should be embraced and promoted , the game should be great with the community base it has, and base will grow if we can interest average newbie to join alliance for more reasons than to avoid the annoying pop-up,

    Same goes for the Frontline Pioneer pop-ups, veterans should be recruited and given Bug Brigade Medal achievement and gold rewards for Beta testing. Why do you have newbie players still learning basics of game as Beta testers for Frontline player maps?

    So much effort put into display and advertising while the veterans (potentially as important as volunteer staff) are getting no support.

    Bytro tactic of proactive damage control , is to seek veterans input when Bytro is removing some feature like legacy or changing combat mechanics, any other time veterans are ignored or silenced when speaking TRUTH about the flaws in this game. This Silencing needs to stop, why have Forum or discord server if you are only allowed to Praise the company and never voice obvious flaws?

    FYI> Since posting this thread , I have been sanctioned with PERMA BAN on the Official s1914 Discord Server June 2022 - MEMEs which MODs do not agree with are characterized as being controversial.

    'Make S1914 Great Again'


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

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  • I feel bad because bytro . Despite the campaign to add the Arabic language, it did not lend us any face or promise to add a language, even though there are 1.2 billion people who speak the Arabic language. Unfortunately bytro does not know if adding the Arabic language as a translation and not as a private server will increase its popularity in front of (pc-andriod) games. I hope in the future to add the Arabic language

    'Make S1914 Great Again'

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