tips and tricks dealing with ai players

  • Greetings

    i think we all agree fighting ai country at early game is bad idea especially after it managed to build forts on your border so quickly

    but since ai is so predictable once you build factories they become easy target

    but what are the tricks you could use aginst ai players

    for example in the old versions of supermacy giving peace to country you are at war with .. will automatically change relations to peace if you were at war by the next day (it doesnt work anymore)

    and if you set relations with ai share map or right of way .. ai will grant you right of way by the next day (also doesnt work anymore)

    if you bombard through third country by right of way .. ai will try to attack you through the third country if ai doesnt have right of way the ai will declear war on the third country that allowed you to walk through (still active)

    out of date?

    as you see some of these tips are outdated .. they no longer work in the current version .. but how to make peace with ai in the new version?

    also why does ai start giving trade embargo in the current version? is it random? or does the player get punished for opening fire without reason

    why does ai start giving right of way randomaly in the current version?

    do you have more tips and tricks that you know could help us deal with ai?

  • do you have more tips and tricks that you know could help us deal with ai?

    Greetings and Welcome back....

    Some time while you were away from s1914, AI was changed to ELITE AI in all maps, previously only Gold Rounds had this ELITE AI... Since this change; once you find yourself at WAR it is nearly impossible to return to PEACE with AI... Much testing has went into deciphering behavior of AI, no hard percentages have been determined for AI doing things like declaring Trade Embargo or Declaring WAR however I can give you few Tips I have learned from constantly playing maps. AI relations are predominately influenced by Global Popularity.

    Global popularity is influenced/manipulated by things like doing 100's of micro trades per day, not any certain resource or amount of resources per trade, but sheer number of trades > 1 silver for 1 silver with a friend will give you higher Global Popularity. Other than Stock market , many of these manipulations with trading directly to other players or with changing status in diplomacy tab.

    Some Positive Influences/Manipulations>

    RoW/Share Maps to AI or most Popular nations

    Trade Embargo Most Dreaded Nations

    Trade Embargo nations which AI are giving Trade Embargo to

    Always Declare War before Attacking

    Several Share Maps

    Some Negative Influences/Manipulations>

    Having high military % (Large Military)

    Surprise Attacks

    Attacking anyone on Newspapers Most Popular List

    Elite AI is much more aggressive than former AI , so not good idea to waste inf units on fighting in early stages of map, but Elite AI is still easily manipulated with any range unit bombardment, now you actually get Military points for harvesting AI, You can still use neutral land to start proxy wars with AI to create buffer...

    Good Luck, Have Fun, Enjoy games....