suggestions: 200 players map

  • Greetings

    i think we should have 200 players map here is why

    -i find 500 maps unplayable mid and end games

    -it is time for a new map scenario

    - the jump from 100 players to 500 made it extremly laggy i dont think we can handle that at technological level

    i want to hear others opnions

    i have good pc and i find it extremly laggy to play 500 players maps mid game

    how you think phones are going to handle the 500 handred maps with very limited ram compared to pc

    i have map which i lost on .. it's been over 100 days and the top players on the map have went inactive

    it's hard to trigger retirment in those maps since it is so big

    do you guys find 500 players maps playable?

    have you ever reached end game of 500 players maps?

  • i think the problem starts when you have bigger vision on the map

    the less vision you have on map the less lag you will have

    i think developers should serously look into this .. most 500 maps are very laggy mid and end game

  • ive reached the end of 500 games yes. adn true they are a bit more triggy and laggy.

    Another true.. zoom in and the problems are less (not at much infor needed)

    And use menu;s to work your fabrics etc.. not jump from city to city that causes yourself lag..

    i find them playable yes. though sure a 200 might be fun too as a new thing.

    I doubt there is a map ready for that so it might take some time (you dont create a map out of the blue you know)