how do you actually lose in a game?

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    so i was playing in map where i had strong enemy with advanced weapons trying to enlimante me early game

    so i decuided to flee my country i had decent armey i could settle anywhere i want

    so i was superised once he took all my provinces i lost the game and i wasnt able to move my troops .. which i had about 140+ with artliery

    isnt that wrong? why would i lose while i still have some armey i could easliy settle down anywhere i want

    anyways i was also playing in another map where my ally lost in game and i could still offer him provinces while he is enlimanted so i am not sure what does make someone lose in a game .. and could you survived being almost destroyed?

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  • but yes you can survive being almost destoyed if you can find and get a new city before the last one in your old parts get taken from you.

    Doubtfull if its going to be long yet you can if you are fast enough