• Is there any reward for people who make games after purchasing High command?

    Like the gamer who made a game which make people spend more... Is he rewarded with any real money? Or Gold mark which when reached a certain level can be redeemed for a lesser amount of real money.... I just started gaming on 11/11/21..just one week back.. I haven't spend any on gold mark and high command.. Iam just curious why people are spending on gold mark and high command.. The only feature that entice me in high command is that you can make games... But iam playing on mobile not on pc so it is waste for me to spend any money. I say waste because I can win with just my ideas.. .. Even finished off gold mark users in 31 p mode tutorial game.. If there any reward system as of now??

    If not iam putting forward some suggestions-:

    1) Make the game making feature available even in mobile platforms.. By enabling this bytros can attract more players who avoided spending on high command just because mobile application doesn't support game making.. I don't think iam the only one who thought of making games but frustrated that you can only make games in pc

    2) let's talk about revenue for "bytros".. There should be a reward system for gamers who make game using high command.. Certain goals which their game has to achieved and rewards if achieved..

    Goals & rewards like-:a) certain no: of players in their map remains active till a certain day after game starts -if achieved some gold marks for maker

    b) if the players in the map used gm to a certain extent... Out of overall spending of players the maker gets a certain percentage of gm as reward

    C) evaluation of game made by moderators and if qualified certain benchmark reward to maker

    3) as of now if it's a monthly pack or yearly pack of high command players can only make 5 games per month.. Allow the players to make more games if interested.. By making the players to spend gold marks to make more games.. That is for example the player can make 6th game if he spend 3000 gm, 7th for 1500 gm, or making him to buy a bundle of extra game at 10000gm ... Like wise... If players get better incentives for making games they will not let opportunity go and spend more to just make more games.

    4) Last and most important suggestion if the above all suggestion has to work the maker should get some real money in their pockets.. There are different type of players some play for time pass, some just to win their ego and emotions, some try to find new opportunity to invest... If investment gives a steady return even it is little.. It will work as bait to attract more players.. They keep thinking they will get more so they spend more... It's not just for the benefit of makers it will Benifit game developers too... Incentive driven game makers try to make game better.. Which results in better revenue for game developers..

    Real money ... If a high command player accumulates at least 100000 gm by means of rewards obtained by making games not by buying or bonus videos... He is permitted to withdraw 1000 in the currency of his country.. Or whatever the bytros developers think fit...

    These are just few of my ideas..


    Signing off