• Some info regard combat in general. Perhaps expanded upon, but a lot will not apply anymore within half a year or shorter, most likely.

    The green circle in the slide above would be a splash circle of the defender. It deals back 10 def damage to both red dots, because the green dot is in both the combat ranges of the red attackers.

  • Thanks for the nice and clear illustrations.

    This also reminds me of a question I have had about game mechanics for some time that I think is somewhat related to the distribution of splash damage.

    Question: What happens to damage that a stack receives when the damage is not sufficient to kill another unit?

    To illustrate:

    - Let's say there is a stack of a single infantry (1 HP).

    - This stack receives 0.75 damage (let's say due to flowering).

    What happens then?
    a) The stack has a certain probability of dying (e.g., 75% chance? I don't care too much about the exact percentage though)

    b) The stack will take the 0.75 damage, and remain at 0.25 HP (even though it may not be displayed in-game).

    c) The 0.75 damage will be 'lost'. The single infantry would not suffer any damage, and will never die if it contains to receive 0.75 damage per round.

    d) Other outcomes?

    *I am asking this question here because I thought this may be relevant to flowering.. But if you think this is not suitable, feel free to remove and I will repost my question as a standalone thread elsewhere.

  • Hitpoints are discrete, so a hitpoint is either erased or not. If the damage applied gets below zero there is a chance that either 1 point will be erased or no point will be erased at all.

    The raw damage applied, already below zero eg, will get reduced by other factors even more, so if you place a lot of singular units in defense mode, the actual damage applied will be very close to zero, resulting in a very high chance of having no hitpoint erased at all and the attack having no effect at all.

    This explains extremities as bombers taking damage by bombarding inf flowers at sea and not taking out a single infantry unit.

    This is ze power of ze flower.

  • It seems to me that if there is not enough damage for the death of the squad, then morale will fall. And along with morale, protection will fall. Therefore, when the morale is low enough, the infantry will begin to die. Correct me if I'm wrong