Artillery vs Bombers

  • Ive been playing since bombers were even a thing and so my mindset has always been stuck on mass artillery production.

    I cant seem to get the hang of using bombbers because if I ever go to bomb something I just seem to lose all of them in a matter of a couple hours.

    Usually nowadays ill see the strongest player with a gorillian bombers just devasting whole armies.

    Can mass arty still work in these harsh of times. Any tips for proper bomber and fighter usage.

    Thank you

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  • I'll typically bomb cities, most likely their capital that is out of my reach with bombers supported by other air velchies like fighters to bombers, behind the enemies. And with atry I will combine it with infantry or any other ground troops like tanks and normal troops, then when I get close to the enemy's troops I'll separate the 'ground troops' from the arty and direct them to the enemies troops. Whilst my arty will weaken the enemies army and destroy them, like Napoloen.

  • So you never use it to directly bomb large enemy armies?

    I havent played in a while so not sure if theyve been nerfed or anything. I just remember the top guy had hordes of bombers and he could just weaken the hell out of my army before his reached mine.

  • The biggest problem with large stacks of bombers is how the game processes losses.

    1 bomber = 3 hp, 3 hits is a lost bomber, so at 33% you know you'll lose it on the next hit it takes.

    10 bombers = 30 hp, so you would think that at 33% you would have 10 bombers at 33% each, so the stack can take up to 19 hits before losing a bomber. Not so.

    In my experience, a stack of bombers at 93% that takes a single hit becomes 9 bombers at 100%. You've lost a whole bomber, and you now have a stack that can take two more hits before risking a bomber.

    The trick is to split your bomber stacks once they start taking damage, so they're never one hit away from losing a bomber.

    10 bombers, split at 93% or lower.

    9 bombers, split at 92% or lower.

    8 bombers, 91%, and so on.

    Never attack with a stack below 50% or a single bomber below 34%. Cycle damaged bombers and let them repair for a day or two.

    If your enemy has fighters, attack well away from them, or ground your bombers until your fighters can take care of them.

    If anyone has experience different from what I've presented, feel free to share. I would love to be mistaken.