Release Notes - 2022-04-29

  • Attention, General!

    Today’s update brings Army and Province Detail screens to Supremacy 1914 on desktop, deals with the usability and the time troops are moving on the map. This time we implemented additional information about your provinces and army with dedicated Details screens that can be opened by clicking on the name of an army or province in the Army or Province Bar at the bottom or your screen.

    We also adjusted the Embarking time calculation after the province capture. From now on embarkings reflect the ownership status of a province right away and you will spend less time on them.

    You will also not see the error message when adding an additional location to the moving path of a unit anymore.

    Last but not least you will now be able to see the ‘Sort by Building’ button, so that you can easily add the filter to the buildings in your province.

    For a complete overview of this update, please check our detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us here on the forums and our Discord server.

    Best of luck General,
    Your Bytro Team

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