Fun tutorial suggestion

  • Please advertise on the front page a fun, fast tutorial to show the basics of this Game. The player who enters it is given a starting nation next to an enemy nation. There are 8 Game controlled nations who act like real players in that they can accept ally or coalition requests. They cannot send messages since that would be too hard to program.

    The opening instructions explain none of those eight will attack him, but he can attack them. He can also ally with them (give them full maps) or start a coalition and ask them to join.

    The player makes his moves, and then clicks to start the next day.

    The Tutorial is fun because the market always has goods in it to buy, if he sells goods for money someone will buy them, buildings build instantly, and he only has one guaranteed enemy - the one he is at war with.

    Each turn the Tutorial tells him things he can do, why he should do them, and how to do them such as:

    adjust your resources for wheat and fish since one is going negative,

    check what is making your Paris province have low morale,

    you can offer to ally with full maps,

    you can start a coalition and send invitations to players,

    you can now build a factory if you build a two level workshop, and

    your enemy is building a bomber – if you upgrade your factory you can build a fighter to counter that bomber.

    If he clicks to see how to do something for a suggested step, the Tutorial shows him each screen to click and where to click inside it.

    The Tutorial is also designed to let advanced players enter it to see only a particular aspect of the Game, such as how to use fighters or submarines. I have been her for months and I am still confused. So there is the main tutorial for the beginning player, and tiny tutorials inside of the main one to see how to use a particular unit or building.

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  • Apart from your -249 points on your forum account which I won't ask why, I find it a very good tutorial idea and it would have served me a lot well when I started in Supremacy.

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