[Guide] Turn your enemies' ranged units into their weakness (flower offense)

  • This tactic is very useful against stationary stacks and fortresses with ranged units within, it is an extension of Flower Defense,

    Tired of dealing with players with no skill spamming artilleries on day 8? Not anymore. You should feel very thankful to them instead. :evil:

    Assuming you already understand flower defense, you will know that you cannot easily utilize the mechanic the same way offensively (i.e. sending 1s towards your enemy),

    it would be considered as the "last stand" / lemming tactic instead, which from what I understand is a gambling tactic for desperate situations and is not directly relavent to this post.

    Against ranged units, we can set up a defensive flower to absorb all the ranged damage to buy time, but that's boring, so let's bring it to another level. We magically force the ranged stack to attack us by melee.

    We set up a defensive flower 7.5 ± 2 km away from our enemy stack. Send the unit targeted by the enemy towards it as sacrifice for our demonic ritual, such that when the enemy fires, our unit will be positioned at the middle of our flower and the enemy.

    Nice job! you successfully forced the ranged enemy stack to attack you by melee. The enemy's splash damage and your defensive damage will do the rest.

    With this you can easily achieve an instantaneous KDR of 50:1 on big stacks, with enough troops you can deal an ARBITRARY AMOUNT of defensive damage (like any other flowers.)

    In the following graph, Alpha is the enemy, Beta is our sacrifice, Charlie is the flower, the red oval is the splash damage.

    As long as the distances between Alpha-Beta and Beta Charlie are both closer than 5km, but Alpha-Charlie is further than 5km, it will work.


    The enemy is actually attacking you with all their units instead of the ranged units (tho size factor favors you by a lot), so prepare the necessary amount of troops accordingly.



    If your ranged units target the enemy stack, the enemy will be distracted and target them instead of any sacrificial stacks,

    you can either do some splittings and get a sacrifice from your ranged unit stacks in time or move away the stack as soon as possible.

    Or else this whole tactic will fail.

    Extras tip:

    Too tired for any maths? There is a mathless* way.

    Just put your flower somewhere more than 5km to the enemy, this can be done with trial and error.

    Put one unit a small distance ~1 minute in front of your main stack, both moving towards the enemy, every 10 or 30 seconds give the one unit stack a new command.

    If it is in 5km range of your enemy they will engage in battle, so you know when to stop moving your main stack forward, then set up the flower.

    Now for the sacrificial part, command one unit to move to the enemy stack, let's say it takes 8 minutes 42 seconds to get there, time or delay it so that when the enemy attacks it will have 4 minutes 21 seconds (half the initial time) left before it gets there, that would mean it is very near the middle between your flower and the enemy.

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    When the attack timer is up, it will attack my 13th infantry brigade, if you look at the countdown before it reaches the destination (Zurich) the unit will be less than 5 km from zurich, while also being less than 5km from the flower, the enemy stack will then attack the whole flower with splash damage using melee, causing lots of damage to it.