• I would like to hear some more playable nations, that are currently as NPC COUNTRIES.

    Because there are COUNTRIES that are not playable and are world known countries, and I think the people who play the game should have their playable country including the most famous ones.

    Among them I highlight:



    Country not as famous as the ones I mentioned:


    Among others.

    But of course we would prefer to have all the NPC COUNTRIES playable, but the ones that have to be first are these! And it would be more income that Bytro would gain with Portugal and Belgium playable. And let them start with only one playable map until they get to the rest. But there also have to be NPCs but if the map has 31 players the ones that are left will be unplayable but it was the person who chose not to choose it, while as it is now, even if I choose to want to choose it I won't be able to because it appears that it is already being used but it is always by a bot so I want them to make it playable.

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