Bring back the old 100 player map

  • Bring back the old 100 player map, not as a total replacement but maybe a bit like an event in some way

    Perhaps bringing back an old map people havent played in maybe years is refreshening and maybe people might be interested in that

  • What was different about the old map that would make it worth bringing back?

    Actually a 85 player map.

    Basically like current 100p, but not having some of Pacific and adjacent nations, making it impossible to go around the world (somewhat like smaller maps currently) and basically fighting in a constrained rectangle.

    It was basically created as such at first, because game initially lacked ability to loop the map smoothly, and changed to current 100p once that functionality had been implemented.

    Map itself has nothing to offer gameplay-wise compared to current map. Not something I'd enjoy at least.
    Only thing I could see is that if you like it to be more linear so like naval combat being forced to connect Americas and AfroEurasia through Atlantic (as Pacific is unavailable).
    Some players like to bruteforce one direction and not be worried about their behind, but IMO that feels like a downgrade.

  • 100% this. It would be a downgrade. Having to watch multiple fronts provides more dynamic play. 90% of the people I play as soon as you break their front line, or avoid their mass stack army, their backsides are completely unprotected.